ICT returning students registration

•ICT returning students are advised to bring copy of results for previous semester. those without copy of results would not be allowed to register. Second semester is starting on 2 July 2018.Deadline for registration is 31 July 2018

Foundations in Accountancy (FIA)

Introductory Certificate

Recording financial transactions FA1

Management Information MA1

Intermediate Certificate

Maintaining financial records FA2

Managing costs and finance MA2


Accountant in business FAB

Management accountant FMA

Financial accountant FFA

 Duration: Minimum 1 year

 Exam month: Computer Based Exams (CBEs) – throughout the year

 ACCA Local Office 

ACCA Zimbabwe

Suite 3, House West, Westgate Office Park

Westgate Complex



Tel: +263 (4) 304 436 / 304 407

Email: info.zimbabwe@accaglobal.com

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