ICT returning students registration

•ICT returning students are advised to bring copy of results for previous semester. those without copy of results would not be allowed to register. Second semester is starting on 2 July 2018.Deadline for registration is 31 July 2018

Project Management Zimbabwe (PMZ)

Certificate in Project Management (CPM) $400

Module 1         Introduction to Project Management (IPM01)

Module 2         Project Planning (PP02)

Module 3         Project Implementation (PIMPL03)

Module 4         Project Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E04)

Diploma in Project Management (DPM) $500

Module 5        Project Management Information Systems (PIMS05)

Module 6         Project Procurement and Information Systems (PPCM06)

Module 7         Project Risk Management (PRM07)

Module 8         Project Cost Management (PCM8)

Module 9         Project Time Management (PTM9)

Duration: Certificate 6 months

                 Diploma 1 year

Project Management Zimbabwe
National Secretariat office
No. 8 Buckingham Rd

Tel: +263 8644075061
+263 773 432 610
+263 4 776000

Website: www.pmz.org.zw

Membership and exam fees: contact PMZ