Trust Academy shall offer tuition in collaboration with the Midlands State University in the Diploma in Applied Marketing.

Examinations shall be written and published at the end of each semester

The Midlands State University Academic Board shall publish examinations results upon satisfaction from the work submitted by the candidates.

Tuition Fees: $1100 per semester

Registration Fee: $10

Application Fee: $10

Level 1 Semester 1.1

DBA101: Business Economics

DBA102: Principles of Management

DBA103: Communication Skills

DAM101: Marketing Essentials

MIS101:  ICT Application systems

 Level 1 Semester 1.2

DAM102: Marketing Management 1

DAM103: Integrated Marketing Communications 

DAC101: Financial Accounting

DBA104: Principles of  Law         

DBA105: Business Communication  

Level 2 Semester 2.1

DAM201: Marketing Management 2

DAM202: Marketing Research

DAM203: Digital Marketing       

DAM204: Essentials of Services Marketing

DAC201: Business Statistics         

 Level 2 Semester 2.2: Work Related learning

DAM205: Work Related Learning Report

DAM206: Academic Supervisor’s Report

DAM207: Employer’s Assessment Report

 Level 3 Semester 3.1

DAM301: Customer Service Management

DAM302: Marketing Metrics         

DAM303: International Marketing         

DAM304: Principles of Brand Management

DBA303: Corporate Business Management