Tuition Fees: $750 per semester

Registration Fee: $10

Application Fee: $10

Semester 1

FAC101                 Financial Accounting

MGT113               Business Economics

MIS114                 ICT Applications Systems

MGT115               Principles of Management

CS101                    Communication Skills

Semester 2

MGT111               Principles of Marketing

MGT201               Business Communication

FAC201                 Cost accounting

MKT101                Marketing Essentials

MGT203               Management 2

Semester 3

ENT221                 Entrepreneurship

MKR301               Retail Management

ENT301                 Small Business management

FAC303                 Risk Management

STA201                 Business Statistics

Semester 4: Work Related

WK401                  Student Report

WK402                  Supervisor Report

WK403                  Assessment Report

Semester 5

HRM501               Human Resources Management

MKT504                Customer Service Management

FAC305                 Managerial Finance

MGT504               Leadership

MGT503             Corporate Business Management

Entry Requirements

5 O Levels including English Language

Duration  2 years

Exam Month May and October