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Diploma in Networking & PC Engineering (DNEP) [2021]

Published in ICT School

DNEP is a programme  is a combination of elements of electrical engineering and computer science, which deals with the design and utilisation of computers. It seeks to match efficient digital devices with appropriate software to meet the scientific, technological, and administrative needs of business and industry in a global economy.

This Diploma in Networking and PC Engineering will provide you with a systematic understanding of the field of computer networks, encompassing a range of perspectives including: the underlying principles of how they, and associated technologies, work; the way these principles are put into practice in industry-standard network products; and the practical aspects of running a mission-critical network within real organisations.


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Entry Requirements

5 Ordinary levels pass including English Language , Mathematics and Science(Integrated or Physical).

Duration: A minimum period of 3 Years including work-related learning

Course Content

Level 1 - Semester 1

  • PMIS111 Introduction to the use of Computers
  • PMIS116 Business Communication Skills
  • DTEL112 Electricity and Magnetism
  • DTEL113 Linear Mathematics
  • DNEP111 Networking Fundamentals*

Level 1 - Semester 2

  • DTEL115 Electric Circuits
  • PMIS114 Introduction to Computer Programming (C)
  • DTEL117 Data Communication and Computer Networks
  • DNEP112 Computer Maintenance a Practical Approach
  • DNEP113 Linux Administration*

Level 2 - Semester 1

  • DTEL211 Electronics*
  • DMIS316 Computer Architecture
  • DTEL213 Digital Logic Design*
  • DNEP211 Windows Server Administration
  • DNEP212 Network

Level 2 - Semester 2

  • DTEL215 Work Related Learning Student Report
  • DTEL216 Work Related Learning Academic Supervision Report
  • DTEL217 Work Related Learning Employer’s Report

Level 3 - Semester 1

  • CMIS212 Systems Analysis and Design
  • DTEL311 IT Governance
  • DTEL313 Operating Systems*
  • DTEL314 Micro Computer Technology*
  • DNEP311 Computer Security*

Level 3 - Semester 2

  • DTEL316 Microprocessors*
  • DNEP312 Routing and Switching*
  • DNEP313 Wireless Technology
  • DTEL317 Fibre Optic Technology*
  • DNEP314 Project*


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