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Diploma in Community Development

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The Diploma in Community Development is designed to instil knowledge, skills and attitudes and to provide tools, all of which are focused on responding to the social and economic needs of the people  as identified by the people  themselves. This programme allows a candidate to fit under several  employment  opportunities including the  government as  community  development workers, social, poverty and community development policy analysts  and planners.  They will also work with the private sector  as coordinators, managers, and programme officers, social and community development workers  in Non-Governmental  Organizations  (NGOs), Community-Based Organizations  (CBOs) and Faith-Based Organizations  (FBOs) involved in poverty  reduction  programmes, natural  resource and environment  management, gender  issues, social services  delivery, HIV/AIDS control, and food security improvement.


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5 O Levels including English

Duration - 18 Months

The normal duration of the Diploma Programme shall be one and half years of study. The Diploma Programme shall be made up of three (3) semesters normally comprising fifteen (15) weeks each.

Classification of a Diploma

The Diploma Certificate and the student’s transcript shall record that the student has been awarded the Diploma with the Subject of specialization indicated, and the classification accorded to the Diploma. The total number of notional teaching hours for the program is 720 hours.

Semester 1

  • DCH101 Community Development Fundamentals
  • DCH102 Gender and Sustainable Development
  • DCH103 Communication and Report Writing
  • DCH104 Approaches to Community Development
  • DCH105 Introduction to Zimbabwean Cultures and Heritage

Semester 2

  • DCH201 Project Management Fundamentals
  • DCH202 Resource Mobilization and Budgeting
  • DCH203 HIV and AIDS
  • DCH204 Community Engagement
  • DCH205 Research in Social Sciences

Semester 3

  • DCH301 Community Empowerment and Stewardship
  • DCH302 Community Mobilization
  • DCH303 Conflict Management in Societies
  • DCH304 Project Monitoring and Evaluation
  • DCH305 Research Project
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