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Tanatswa Mukwacha, a BMIS 2.1 student received a Speak Truth to Power Award

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Tanatswa Mukwacha, a Bachelor of Science Honours Management Information Systems student received a Speak Truth to Power Award after designing a social media platform called theconsumerzw. Trust Academy had a chat with Tanatswa.

TA: What is your name and the programme you are doing?

Tanatswa: I am Tanatswa Mukwacha doing BMIS 2.1

TA: What’s the name of your award and its significance to your field? How can one enter the awards?

Tanatswa: The name of the award is Speak Truth to Power Award which has 4 categories that encourage transparency, accountability and dialogue between the local council and the government. We had to create platforms for women rising that is a platform for liberation and emancipation of women, the voice – we had to create a general blog for the public that will go viral. Fix up, clean up; that is, we had to create a platform that addresses poor service delivery in the country.

TA: What platform did you create?

Tanatswa: I created a social media platform called theconsumerzw. The platform gives the news, feedback from people on projects and duties of councilors and government. There is a concept of windows application that encourages accountability on the duties taken up by the councilors and MPs. The platform will record the proposals by the MP, problems in the constituency, funds received by the MP and how he used the funds. It also generally, gives reports of these things; quarterly and annually. I did the project with my brother and two friends. The awards were given by Shoko Festival, Hub and Conference. To enter the awards, you apply online. It is done annually. You submit your project details then you get selected from the pool of applications. On the day of the awards we presented the project for 10 minutes and then there was a question and answer segment, then winners were announced the following day.

TA: How do you feel about the award and what contributed to your success?

Tanatswa: I think this was a stepping stone towards reaching my goal of starting my own company. My friends and brother contributed to my success.

TA: Who is your mentor?

Tanatswa: Everyone who has his own company is my mentor as I can learn from how they achieved or started out.

TA: What are your favourate modules?

Tanatswa: My favorite modules in class are e-commerce and all other modules that have to do with selling services online to the general people.

TA: What’s next for you Tanatswa?

Tanatswa: After school, I will pursue my project full time and in future I want to start my e-commerce platform where people can buy and sell services online locally.

TA: What advise would you want to give to fellow students?

Tanatswa: Pursue your dream or goal. Do not look at the hindrances or the challenges, just push through towards your goal and success. I thank my brother, Tafadzwa Mukwacha and friends; Gerald Kupeta and Maita Matambanadzo for the support.

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