We trace our earliest to 1994 when the college was established as an investment arm of Zimbabwe Project Trust, a local Non-Governmental Organisation established in London in 1978 by some exiled Zimbabweans (then Rhodesians) to act as an information center for the liberation war and after independence in 1980; to facilitate access to skills and resources to the poor, disadvantaged and marginalized women, men, girls and boys of Zimbabwe for enhanced sustainable management of livelihood activities that promote fairness, equity and justice. Trust Academy is registered in terms of the Manpower Development Act 1986 with the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education and the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture.

Our Mandate

To work daily with industry and commerce to identify skills gap and develop courses and training programmes that enhance productivity. The college provides training services through the corporate training division.

Our Motivation

Our capability in the stated areas is beyond doubt and we can deliver the service as illustrated by the list of our customers, as our mandate our goal is to mould an individual to be the productive being with easiness through ensuring understanding during the training and transfer back to the work floor, as a professional institute we have produced the best PR mangers, human resources managers and to date we are still producing man and women of quality.

Our Corporate Customer

Our business consultancy customer profile includes among others:

  • World Bank Doctors without Borders-(Medicine San Frontiers)
  • Women’s Action Group
  • Alliance Insurance Company
  • Pearl Properties
  • Airforce of Zimbabwe
  • MIPF
  • Ministry of Education Sports and Culture
  • Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and Mechanisation
  • Ministry of Environment and Tourism
  • Epworth Local Board
  • AMC
  • Blue Ribbon

Our Strategy

We tailor-make our training programs in close liaison with industry and commerce to ensure the required skills are attained. Trust Academy believes that with the right combination of challenge and support, every delegate has the potential to succeed, to seize opportunities and to shape the destiny of their organizations.