Career Prospects

Business administration is a good program because it dominates the list of most in-demand qualifications. It prepares you for a wide-range of high-paying careers with above average growth prospects according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. It can equip you with the skill set for a variety of careers across multiple fields. Business administration majors can be found in health care management, business management, finance, accounting, and marketing. With this qualification, you can work in a variety of positions with above average growth.

The programme is aimed at bridging the gap between the theory and practice of strategy in organisations. It also provides the concepts, knowledge and skills needed to develop, implement and review strategic options faced by all organisations in both private or public sector


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5 'O' Levels including English Language

Duration: 2 years

Exam Month: May and October

Level One Semester 1.1

  • DBA101: Business Economics 4
  • DBA102: Principles of Management 4
  • DBA103: Communication Skills 4
  • DAC101: Financial Accounting 4
  • MIS101: ICT Application systems 4

Level One Semester 1.2

  • DBA104: Principles of Law 4
  • DBA105: Business Communication 4
  • DBA106: Management 2 4
  • DAC102: Cost Accounting 4
  • DAM101: Marketing Essentials 4

Level Two Semester 2.1

  • DBA201: Retail Management 4
  • DBA203: Risk Management 4
  • DAE201: Entrepreneurship 4
  • DAE202: Small Business Management 4
  • DAC201: Business Statistics 4

Level Two Semester 2.2 - Work Related Learning

  • DBA204: Work Related Learning Report 8
  • DBA205: Academic Supervisor’s Report 8
  • DBA206: Employer’s Assessment Report 4

Level Three Semester 3.1

  • DBA301: Human Resources Management 4
  • DBA302: Leadership 4
  • DBA303: Corporate Business Management 4
  • DBA304: Managerial Finance 4
  • DAM301: Customer Service Management 4