Career Prospects

Telecommunications is an exciting and dynamic field with a wide variety of job opportunities. Education requirements are usually a certification, degree or combination. And telecom employees can work outdoors and indoors, for private businesses and global technology companies, on everything from mobile devices to virtual reality.

The variety of jobs people do in telecommunications is almost as broad as the definition itself. Because the industry includes everything from traditional analog telephones and radio to satellite TV and augmented reality, job seekers have plenty of options.

Telecommunications employees work in a variety of environments. Installers and maintenance workers work both indoors and outdoors, in all weather, and the job involves heavy manual labor. Managers and administrative personnel work indoors in offices, while customer service reps typically work in call centers and may have shifts on nights and weekends.

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5 Ordinary levels pass including English Language , Mathematics and Science (Integrated or Physical).
Duration: A minimum period of 3 Years including work-related learning.

Level 1 - Semester 1
  • PMIS111 Introduction to the use of Computers
  • PMIS116 Business Communication Skills
  • DTEL111 Electronic communication systems*
  • DTEL112 Electricity and Magnetism*
  • DTEL113 Linear Mathematic*

Level 1 - Semester 2

  • DTEL114 Digital Signal Processes*
  • DTEL115 Electric Circuits*
  • PMIS114 Introduction to Computer Programming (C)*
  • DTEL116 Calculus*
  • DTEL117 Data Communication and Computer Networks*

Level 2 - Semester 1

  • DTEL211 Electronics*
  • DTEL212 Ordinary differential equations*
  • DMIS316 Computer Architecture
  • DTEL213 Digital Logic Design*
  • DTEL214 Antenna engineering

Level 2 - Semester 2

  • DTEL215 Work Related Learning Student Report*
  • DTEL216 Work Related Learning Academic Supervision Report*
  • DTEL217 Work Related Learning Employer’s Report

Level 3 - Semester 1

  • CMIS212 Systems Analysis and Design
  • DTEL311 IT Governance
  • DTEL312 Microwave and Satellite*
  • DTEL313 Operating Systems*
  • DTEL314 Micro Computer Technology*

Level 3 - Semester 2

  • DTEL315 Wireless and radio communication*
  • DTEL316 Microprocessors
  • DTEL317 Fibre Optic Technology*
  • DNEP312 Routing and Switching*
  • DTEL318 Project*