Career Prospects

This is an entry level computing diploma, directed towards real-world applications instead of theory. It is in high demand and has many careers open to it, as businesses everywhere can put its skills to good use.

This diploma gives you access to jobs that are readily available and do not require overly specialized knowledge, such as fluency in various programming languages. A common DMIS occupation is business analyst, where DMIS training is used to predict trends and help businesses plan ahead. Business and systems analysts use information systems techniques to gather, report, and analyze various metrics that are then used to help inform an organization’s decisions.Other common roles include network administrators and managers, who build and maintain information technology frameworks for businesses to use; database management is often a big aspect of these roles.

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. 5 Ordinary level passes including English Language and Mathematics.
. Special entry for DMIS at the discretion of the Institute based on prior learning.
Duration: A minimum period of 18 months.

Course Content
Preliminary Certificate in Management Information Systems (PMIS)
. PMIS111 – Introduction to the use of Computers
. PMIS112 – Introduction to General Mathematics
. PMIS113 – Introduction to Business Information Technology
. PMIS114 – Introduction to Computer Programming (C)
. PMIS115 – Accounting Fundamentals
. PMIS116 – Introduction to Business Communication
. PMIS117 – Information Systems
Certificate in Management information Systems (CMIS)
. CMIS211 – Report Writing & Communication Skills
. CMIS212 – Systems Analysis and Design
. CMIS213 – Navigating The Information Superhighway
. CMIS214 – Mathematical Methods
. CMIS215 – Introduction to Managerial Accounting
. CMIS216 – Visual BASIC Programming
. CMIS217 – Principles of Marketing
Diploma in Management Information Systems (DMIS)
. DMIS311 – Introduction to Management Information Systems Services 
. DMIS312 – C Programming & Operating Systems
. DMIS313 – Database Systems for Business
. DMIS314 – Telecommunication for Business
. DMIS315 – Introduction to Ecommerce, Theory & Practice 
. DMIS316 – Introduction to Computer Architecture
. DMIS317 – Project