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The Applied Diploma in Corporate Governance and Leadership is designed to provide in-depth knowledge and understanding of the various aspect of a corporate Structure within the organizational context. The course takes the learner on a journey of Structure at the top levels, the laws that will shape that structure, Ethical considerations involved in decision making at the top, a sense of corporate responsibilities toward the environment and society, The structure and processes through which the financial information within an organization is generated, accumulated and distributed and the leadership qualities that are necessary for a best of good governance to be carried out in any organization in an ethical, law-abiding and profiting way possible.

Corporate governance is a critical aspect of any business organisation. It refers to the system of rules, policies, and practices that ensure a company is managed ethically and transparently, with the ultimate goal of creating value for all stakeholders.


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Any first degree from a recognized university
Duration: 1 year
Exam Month: May and October

Semester 1
PGD101: Strategic Management
PGD102: Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
PGD103: Corporate Governance
PGD104: Leadership
PGD105: Interpretation of Financial Statements
Semester 2
PGD201: Governance Practice
PGD202: Corporate Management
PGD205: Change Management
PGD203: Risk Management Practice