Greetings to all our esteemed stakeholders of Trust Academy parents and guardians. I send you warm regards from the Trust Academy teaching and management staff as we interact on this platform. This school stands on its promise of Training for Excellence and continues in this regard in fulfilling the teaching -learning programs for the effective preparation of our learners for exams and life after school.

Trust Academy strives to provide students with the necessary academic instruction, to equip them for life after school as responsible and productive citizens. Our institution is centrally located in the central business district for easy access to all greater Harare residents and has an open enrollment policy thus affording learners of different abilities an opportunity to learner and prove their worth. We are progressing well in the coverage of both the ZIMSEC and Cambridge syllabi. For the Form 4 and 6 learners, we are largely on track towards our target of completion of syllabi by the end of May. The end of this first term of 2024 closes a busy 1st quarter of the year and gives our learners get a chance to reflect on their performance to date following the administration of formal end of term examinations for the candidate classes. As per our academic tradition, month-end mock and mid-term tests were also administered in this term. I urge learners and their parents and or guardians to sit together and agree on ways to sustain or improve current performance.

We are also happy that the term 1 athletics season was very successful, and we wish to congratulate our 5 talented athletes: Mazorodze Nigel; L6, Liliosa Maurukira; U6, Anusa Ryyan; L6, Craige George and Jared George; Form 2 who progressed to the national finals held in Chinhoyi as part of the Harare Province team.  The potential and talents in our learners will continuously be nurtured. Our crop of 2024 prefects and learner representatives underwent some training, and we are happy with their performance so far. What is now upcoming is the 2024 Personal Leadership and Life skills camp for all learners as part of the expected out-of-classroom teaching - learning programs.

As learners get this brief break, the school wishes them and all our other stakeholders a safe and blessed Easter, Independence, and Workers’ Day holidays.

Mangere B M, Mr.