Our Clubs

In line with our parent ministry’s policy, and to produce a complete high school graduate with requisite intellectual, social and survival life-skills, the school values, and actively engage learners in sports and club activities at both intra and inter-school levels.


The club gives individuals a platform to discover all the different sides of themselves from the comfort of centre stage as well as learning the joys of theatre.

Current Affairs/Media Club

This is a formal club for all girls and boys from form one upwards and treats information like currency! We add value to it by circulation and discussion. Top stories of the world are discussed extensively in forums and students engage others in meaningful debate on global issues.


The society aims to produce students with the ability to express themselves clearly and with the desired effect. By exposing our members to different opinions through participating in various debate competitions, we aim to promote critical thinking and an awareness of various issues, thus creating a rounded and knowledgeable individual.

First Aid

The club that gives everyone the chance to save lives and make a difference in society. We train individuals to not only be certified but develop a character that gives to those in need. First creates ladies to whom giving is a part of their being.

Human Rights

The club is open to all forms with the aim of empowering and equipping young ladies with knowledge of their rights. We create a platform for awareness of infringements through intellectual discussion.


A formal club open only to all students. We support various orphanages and in addition work with disadvantaged families in society. Our motto is, “Fostering Social responsibility.”

Public Speaking

We are dedicated to grooming confident speakers who can present eloquently in any given situation. The Club is open to all forms regardless of prior experience.

Toastmasters Club

The club aims to groom individuals into confident and cultured members of society who will take part in corporate, political, and social affairs in future. Members are equipped with public speaking skills and are mentored to become leaders who strive for excellence. Membership is open to all students.